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About Us

“We are committed to providing world-class customer service and professional craftsmanship using the latest available methods and technology.”

~ Nick Brown, Owner &  Supervising Electrician

Company History

Brown Electric Service was first licensed in the City of Chicago and opened for business in 1950 with Howard Brown at the helm. A World War II veteran, he learned the trade while in the service, and it became his passion. An entrepreneur at heart, it was only natural that he would turn it into his life-long vocation.

Howard wasn’t only passionate about the job. He believed in building strong relationships with his clients, something that is still at the heart of Brown Electric Service today.

Clients have always known they are not a number, nor a job name. Howard knew just as much about them as he did the project they were working on, and it was a philosophy that he passed along to his son, Glenn Brown, when he joined Howard, and again when his grandson, Nick Brown, showed interest in joining the family business.

In 1954, Howard built the office at 6201 W. 63rd Street in Chicago. This became Brown Electric Service’s location until 1995 when they relocated to Orland Park.

Just as the business location shifted, so did the business itself as Howard retired and Glenn took over, and again when he retired and handed the reins to Nick, who continues to run the business today with his wife, Christa.

Both Glenn and Nick learned the trade during the summers and ultimately returned to the business that called to them. Today, Nick proudly tells clients that Brown Electric Service is one of the oldest Local 134 Union shops in Chicago today. And he might not show them, but he still carries one of his grandfather’s business cards in his wallet. “It’s a reminder, and maybe a bit of good luck,” Nick said.

“The whole job process is more enjoyable when you’re working for people that you like, and they respect the work you’re doing for them. They can see that we care about our work and we take pride in it.”

Brown Electric Service has held the same goal for more than 70 years – to provide customers with a quality electrical installation, completed in a timely manner at a fair price.